Saturday, December 8, 2007


This is what can happen when some inexperienced utilities are assigned to a football crew stocked with veteran hand held guys.

Two cabled HH cams, a Steadicam and the cart were all tangled up on the near sideline at FedEx Field during a Redskins - Bears game.

It took about ten minutes until everything was straightened out.


Do some research. Amaze your friends!

If one of this evening's Heisman candidates has a younger brother, perhaps in his teens, who would love to receive some, uh, oral stimulation at the Downtown Athletic Club courtesy of a female reporter covering the ceremony...


Maybe history will repeat.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Winter white in Washington works to warm no one on NFL Network crew

The gang from NFL Network checked in this evening from snowy DC. Snow fell throughout the day and of course was heaviest as the camera guys faxed. Figures, huh?

NFL Network's pregame set was buried under the white stuff and required a shovel to clear the roof.

The weather didn't factor in to a transmission check earlier in the day that didn't go exactly as planned. Schedules posted in the compound yesterday were revised today. Unfortunately as new schedules were posted, some of the old one weren't removed.

Among the differences in the schedule were the meal breaks. Originally slated for 1:00, lunch was adjusted to 4:00 PM when call time was moved back from 10:30 AM to noon.

Transmission was rescheduled for 1:00 PM, so naturally all crew members who read the incorrect schedule were gone as transmission check was set to begin.

Everything was taken care of eventually, although the pregame folks didn't appreciate their rehearsals being interrupted. All NFL Net transmissions from FedEx Field routs through the pregame truck, which ironically is the only mobile unit parked outside.

Now That's COLD!: NFL Network camera operator Oz Coleman-from-Dallas-Texas celebrates a successful snow angel as the crew waits for the look-see with Craig Janoff.

Ah, the fun of winter.


On Saturday November 30, HDNet returned to Staples Center in Los Angeles for a Kings hockey game.

This time however, all local crew members were under the IATSE contract and received their regular hours and benefits contributions. The crewing service HDNet employs and the IA came to an understanding and all future HDNet shows in Southern California are expected to be under the IA contract.