Thursday, December 13, 2007


Hotels often go to great lengths to accommodate their guest's demands. In many cases, such efforts are the difference between getting and losing valuable customers.

For the second straight year, hotels wishing to lodge NFL Network's on-air, production, and technical personnel have been required to add the station to their TV channel line-up. That's one way of getting your product in front of more people, even if it's mostly people that work for you.

At some hotels however, adding NFL Network to their system meant removing another, potentially more popular, service. This has led some to wonder just what happens when the game is over and the crew has checked out...


sparky said...

It's amazing how all of the luggage and dirty clothes match, over a period of 4 days!

Kent said...

That can't be a camera guy's room. He'd still be wearing his dirty clothes over a period of only 4 days!