Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pitchers & Catchers Report TODAY

You can tell Old Man Winter to stick it.

No matter how cold, or gray, or windy or wet it is where you are, you know it's only temporary.

Days and nights in frigid stadia or dank arenas are officially numbered -

- for pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training camps this morning.

And to celebrate this day of days, we bring you the sounds of the game. Baseball's best clip ever.

We thought it might be nice to hear a little now, in a way we have heard it before and perhaps will again. Just a little. Enough to stoke the inner fire of anticipation. Enough to keep the spirits warm even where the temperatures aren't.

Hopefully this clip will lift you to a place where lazy days and leisurely evenings are spent at ballparks with friends. Let the sounds wash all over, as you float gently towards that personal space in the truck, in the booth or behind a camera.

Close your eyes and let your mind return to the days when some directors called High Home camera 1.

(If you're not in the business, the audio may be NSFW. There is no relevant video.)

Padres @ Braves, Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, early 1990s

Ahhhhh yes.

Welcome back, baseball.


Anonymous said...

Puts a tear in my eye to hear Steve go off!!! Never mind, thats my tattoo! "Doc"

Anonymous said...

That's IT? You teased it for how long and that's IT? Something everyone in the business has heard?
Damn, to I feel cheated.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else has any fun PL's recorded?? Bring it on!!

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