Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lamey lamely joins Jones in blunder book

In the 800 meter final at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Kenyan runner Paul Ereng made a surprising late burst from the back of the pack to win the gold medal in a thrilling finish.

NBC's Charlie Jones mistook Ereng for his Kenyan teammate Nixon Kiprotich during the stretch and declared Kiprotich the winner.

In fact, Jones didn't correct his mistake for more than a minute after the race results were official.

He apologized and added, "We just entered the world record book of blunders", and you had to feel for the guy.

New chapters are added to that book all the time, and the latest entrant is Indianapolis Colts radio announcer Bob Lamey.

Unlike Jones' gaffe however, this one's really funny and pretty inexcusable.

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