Monday, November 12, 2007


Feel free to ask Bill Webb or Jerry Steinberg if they were perfectly happy with what the camera output looked like.

Timing is everything.

At 12:46 PM on October 16, published a story about how Inertia Unlimited's XMO system was being used on Fox's MLB postseason telecasts.

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The article emphasized how XMO was being used not only for replays, but as a live camera as well. This was something that had not been done previously.

Roughly seven and one half hours later, Game 4 of the ALCS between Boston and Cleveland got underway. For the Indians, it would be their final playoff victory of 2007 and they failed to reach the World Series.

For XMO, it would be the final appearance on Fox's 2007 postseason coverage, as it was replaced by a regular super slo-mo for the rest of the ALCS and all of the World Series.

Maybe SVG will run a follow-up piece investigating why.

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