Monday, February 25, 2008

CBS' Black Eye Turns Kentucky's Balls Blue

When CBS mistakenly cut away from Saturrday's (2/23) Kentucky - Arkansas game in the final minute, you would think that they would have at least tried to make it up to their viewers, especially those in Lexington who complained first to local affiliate WKYT and then to the network itself.

Not so much.

CBS regularly posts previews, reviews and highlights of games they air on both and YouTube but Wildcat fans got no satisfaction again, as the game's highlight clip ended as UK took a 57 - 55 lead with 1:15 remaining.

We would have posted the highlights, but CBS doesn't allow clips they post to be embedded on other web sites.
Even if the so-called "switching error" somehow prevented the game's final minute from being recorded at CBS master control in New York, the truck at Rupp Arena certainly had multple angles of everything that transpired in Kentucky's 63 - 58 win. Even if the melt wasn't fed down the line, it would have taken minimal effort to include at least some of the unaired footage.
WKYT Executive Sports Producer and Senior Sports Videographer (chooses stories then shoots them?) Steve Moss blogged:

CBS Sports made a monumental gaffe on Saturday. With the Kentucky-Arkansas game winding down, and nearing 4:00 p.m., the network switched viewers throughout the South from the UK game to St. John’s vs. Duke.

It sent the Big Blue Nation into a frenzy. Some of the phone calls and emails to our sports office were inappropriate.

WKYT’s General Manager, Wayne Martin, said the unfortunate error was made in New York, by the network. WKYT was supposed to be provided a “constant” feed of the UK game.

We provided callers with the phone number to CBS and apparently many voiced their opinions. The CBS mailbox was full in a matter of minutes.

Big Blue Nation had their feelings soothed by the victory, but will no doubt be a little wary of CBS' feelings towards them for a while.

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