Saturday, March 1, 2008

Best Ever? Worst Ever? We're Torn.

Normally in the male dominated worlds of sports and television, seeing a group of college girls wrestling with each other would be considered a good thing.

If this happens at a hockey game, so much the better. A lot of babes attend college hockey games.

But when the women rolling all over each other aren't in the stands but on the ice, things begin to change just a bit.

And when all the players on the ice go at it simultaneously, it becomes more "Slap Shot" than "Stripes".

Finally, when it's a one camera webcast and the poor cam op doesn't know which altercation to shoot, it kind of comes out looking like this:

Thanks to Fan IQ

We'll give the camera guy a break because it's hard to focus on your job when your testicles have jumped up into your stomach.

Those are the women of North Dakota State and Minnesota State, everybody.

Feel free to contact the lady of your choice via her MySpace page.

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