Sunday, February 17, 2008

City Of Brotherly Shove Can Laugh Too

They may be known for booing Santa but those Philadelphians can play a joke too.

How else would you explain Marty Miller and Bruce Levine? (Oh c'mon! We kid because we care.)

From their Spring Training camp in Clearwater, the Phillies are in a joking mood. CSN-Philadelphia was in on - and then aired - an elaborate practical joke played on pitcher Kyle Kendrick.

Elaborate may be an understatement.

Bugs & Cranks explains:
"Evil genius Brett Myers concocted a plan where assistant GM Ruben Amaro and manager Charlie Manuel would inform 2nd year pitcher Kyle Kendrick that he was traded to a Japenese team in exchange for another pitcher. Practically the entire clubhouse was in on it, from the newspaper reporters to Kyle’s agent. Kendrick was even slapped with a fake itinerary to Japan, fake press release and fake trade papers to his new squad."

Trade paper and itinerary courtesy Phila. Inquirer / The Zo Zone

Here is how CSN-Philadelphia told the story:

(Thanks again to
Bugs & Cranks)

Instant classic!

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