Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kentucky Affiliate Casts Evil Eye At CBS

Someone or something at CBS master control in New York really screwed up near the end of today's (2/23) Kentucky - Arkansas game.

WKYT, the CBS affiliate in Lexington was having none of it. They were quick to finger the network itself for the error and encouraged people who phoned and emailed WKYT with complaints to take it to the next level. And they even provided the phone number.

LEXINGTON, KY - With 47 seconds left in the game between U. K. and Arkansas the Network switched away from the game and then switched back after 17 seconds.

The final score was 63-58. U.K. WON! WKYT-TV called CBS immediately after the mistake was made and had it switched back.

CBS is trying to find out where the error was made.

CBS New York's phone number is 1-212-975-3247. Hundreds of outraged fans have called and scores have e-mailed WKYT-TV and have been referred to the network number to register their complaints.

Kentuckians sure love their basketball and heaven help anyone who gets in the way.

(Thanks to Awful Announcing for the story)

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Anonymous said...

I live in Kentucky and yes we do get excited over our basketball, especially around the month of March. I read alot of comments about Kentucky ball and I rarely see one saying something positive about the fans or the program itself. True, we do expect more from our Wildcats than most, but thats what we do in Kentucky. We live, breathe and eat basketball. We support our "Big Blue" no matter what. They may not reach the Final Four this year. Heck they might not make it to the Sweet Sixteen, but one thing is for sure......The University of Kentucky Wildcats, along with the Big Blue Nation, ARE COMING!!!!! It is only a matter of time until Coach Gillespie finishes what he came for.......GREATNESS!!!