Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Space Squeezed As Super Sod Seeks Sunshine

The field at Glendale's University Of Phoenix Stadium is elevated from the actual arena floor and can roll completely out of the building. Despite having a retractable roof, the stadium itself blocks direct sunlight from hitting all parts of the field, especially at this time of year.

During the NFL's regular season, the TV compound is adjacent to the area the field occupies when outdoors. However a Super Bowl compound is several times larger, and in Arizona additional mobile units and production trailers are forced to line up single file along the perimeter.
Space is so tight that several trucks have to remove their stairs when the field is outdoors. Hopefully nobody takes a step outside without looking first. We've seen that before and it's usually followed by a trip to the nearest emergency room.

But imagine life if the trucks were always this close to the field!


Katie said...

That is pretty crazy to see. That sod is pretty amazing. I actually had Evergreen Turf, the company that does the sod for the University of Phoenix stadium, install my sod. It is quite a treat to have a yard full of the same grass as the Arizona Cardinals!

Marie said...

Can't wait for this season to begin. Super pumped up and have been up to Flag for camp already. Opening day is going to be the best- beer, hot dog, smell of fresh Sod in Arizona Cardinal's home!