Sunday, February 3, 2008

Boomer's Bad Week Continues

Seems people want to see all the mistakes from today's pre-games / game / post-games posted here.

We don't have the time or resources for that, but Awful Announcing pounced on this one from ESPN's NFL Countdown.

This is the very top of the show. Audio either opened Berman's mic too soon or Boomer didn't bother hitting his cough button.

Either way, it wasn't a good start.

We'll monitor the blogs and if they post other amusing moments, we'll help ourselves & put them up here too.

Judging by your expectations, we're placing the over / under on errors during Fox's Super Bowl telecast at 5. Announcer mistakes don't count unless they are traffic related or something more significant than just incorrect info or slips of the tongue.

The count begins when the game truck airs the tease. A clean post-game show during big events is almost impossible, so we'll stop the count when the post-game show begins.

For the record, we're taking the under.

Meanwhile, it's back to Puppy Bowl IV.

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