Friday, February 8, 2008

Spell Czech Would Be A Good Idea

Call it what you want. Chyron, Dubner, Infinit, Duet, whatever.

The operators of these graphics machines don't set.

They (usually) don't strike.

And now some of them can't spell.

Here's evidence from last Saturday's Duke - Miami game on ABC:

(Thanks to

Who knows, maybe "Gerg" will be the next "Jacob".

This was a potentially dangerous mistake from Tuesday's PTI on ESPN:

(Thanks to With Leather via SbB)

Talk about pressure! Hit one wrong key and Al Sharpton may try to get you fired.

Let's be careful out there.


Christopher Byrne said...

When I was a Chyron (Infinit!) operator, I was usually having to correct the spelling AND facts of the graphics/font coordinator...where was the QA and Graphic review?

# # # said...

No question, those errors slipped by quite a few people. So many font coodinators are kids one step up from being PAs, so this stuff happens more and more if the operator isn't careful.

There are also too many shows where the operator and coordinator are the same person.