Saturday, February 9, 2008


Ampex 2000: 1300 lbs. worth of shit stirring!

It looks like Chris Berman sure pissed someone off!

Using the name Ampex2000, a colleague of ours has posted three more clips on You Tube that shows a side of ESPN's Chris Berman that the public rarely sees.

The first Berman video to hit the net, "Chris Berman Goes Crazy", was posted on January 30 by new You Tube member winnarwinnar. Self described as a 23 year-old from Denmark, winnarwinnar has not posted anything since, but is no doubt proud to know that in only ten days on the web, his effort has been viewed more than 1.3 million times.

Whether winnarwinnar and Ampex2000 are one in the same isn't known (yet?), but they most definitely share the same negative opinion about Boomer.

We are wondering about the name. Could Ampex2000 be a reference to the industry's first color-capable VTR model (shown above), which debuted in 1967? If so, it could mean that this person is either quite the TV veteran or at least knows something about TV history.

However, these clips (and "Chris Berman Goes Crazy") were recorded during the 2000 NFL season, so perhaps the name was simply derived from the year combined with this person's craft.

Anyway, we'll see Chris Berman from the ESPNZONE restaurant in New York, where he hosted ABC's Monday Night Football.

"Chris Berman the WINE maven makes a pass" is the title of this first clip. Ampex2000's description:
"Chris Berman again shows why he is so obnoxious and is disliked by so many."
There is a well-known co-star in this piece that should not go uncredited. The object of Boomer's flirtation is none other than Philadelphia's own Becky Solomon. This highly regarded stage manager has spent much of her career shuttling between gigs in NYC and Philly. Becky no doubt has been the intended receiver of many passes over the years from numerous announcers covering every local and network-televised sport.

Ampex2000's description of clip #2, "Chris Berman the Linguist......nice mouth!" (sic), is clear and concise:
"Chris Berman again showing why he is the master."

The third entry from Ampex2000 is "Chris Berman Complains Again... about the prompter" in which,
"Chris Berman shows again how spoiled and rude he is".

Will there be more entries to follow?

Will any other notable announcers feel the wrath of Ampex2000?

The answer is on tape.

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