Sunday, January 20, 2008


With all the media coverage on the Fox & CBS crews' battle with the elements at today's conference championship games, the gang setting up for next week's X-Games in Aspen are feeling left out in the cold.

Literally and figuratively.

The 0 degrees in Green Bay would seem downright balmy to the X-Games crew.

This is no joke. People are running cables in these conditions!

Some other visuals:

Somebody's going to have fun with this triax. If they can chisel it out.

During strike, maybe they'll just cut the ends off and keep the connectors.

Power cables and snow. We wouldn't normally put these two things together, but somehow it works here.

Following their purchase of NCP this week, hopfully NEP has enough money left to replace the cables that won't be removed until spring thaw.

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