Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Survive The Lambeau Fields In Your Life

This may be the last post about the weather at the NFC Championship game.

It also may be the most important, especially if you have ever been under prepared when working shows in inclimate conditions.

(These are not paid endorsements. We're just passing on some products that our colleagues have found to be of great help in doing their jobs.)

SealSkinz is a family-owned California company that makes breathable waterproof gloves, sock and hats. Their Ultra Grip gloves allow for very fine finger movements on focus controls or cable connectors.

From their website:

In late 1993 after successful field trials, Danalco commenced the
manufacture of SealSkinz®, the first fully waterproof sock designed for the
recreational industry.

In 1997, after almost seven years in development, Danalco commenced the
manufacture of waterproof gloves -- a highly durable, flexible, watertight
yet comfortable glove to be used by anyone needing waterproof protection.

In January 2000, Danalco once again set the standard for waterproof
protection with the launch of its WaterBlocker socks -- which have a patented
in-cuff seal that helps keep feet dry even when they are submerged in water!

The latest SealSkinz® ChillBlocker® Socks and gloves in addition to being
completely waterproof are fleece-lined to provide comfort in climates reaching
30 degrees below zero.

NEOS Overshoe is based in Vermont and makes a wide variety of weatherproof footware that fits OVER your regular shoes.

According to their website:

In addition to providing 100% waterproof protection and unmatched slip
resistance options, the NEOS® Industrial line offers supreme comfort by allowing
your workers to wear their favorite footwear underneath their NEOS® overshoes.

Workers can now wear their own steel-toed work boots, sneakers, or even
custom prosthetics and still enjoy superior protection.

Many veteran freelancers swear by their products. And if they may cost more, try to remember the last time your hands or feet were under protected from cold temperatures or water. How much would you have paid for comfort then?

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Soundog said...

hell yes Neos are the shiz!
they don't cost much - they keep feet toasty like no other shoe I have ever had. The constantly amaze me and others. I have worked outdoors in Boston, New England and the far reaches of bum f Canada and no boot can match these. The real beauty is that they are light so you don't get tired schloggin heavy boots all day - they are warm as hell and you wear them over sneakers or whatever comfy shoe you choose again you will be quite agile and warm in any cold condition - easily removed for meals and indoor time